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Participatory sketching and photography

Last edited: January 03, 2012

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Participatory sketching and photography are also creative ways of soliciting qualitative information, especially on “sensitive” issues such as VAW. They can be effective especially when targeting an audience that is not very comfortable with writing or speaking responses, or an audience that may be illiterate.  Respondents are asked similar questions as in an interview or survey, but answers are to be provided as photographs or drawings, rather than spoken or written.

Example: This method was used to gauge how listeners of the Sudanese entertainment-education serial radio drama Ashreat Al Amal ("Sails of Hope"), produced by Population Media Center (PMC), derived personal meaning from the plot, the characters, and the educational messages. See Singhal A., Greiner, K., Hurlburt, S., A Participatory Assessment of Ashreat Al Amal, an Entertainment-Education Radio Soap Opera in the Sudan, Ohio University and Population Media Center, 2006.