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Last edited: January 03, 2012

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“The way in which the message is delivered is just as decisive as its content” - Baecker, D., 2007. Form und Formen der Kommunikation, Frankfurt, Germany

Campaign communication is the process by which public events, print materials, audio-visual media, the internet, and other channels are used to inform, influence or mobilize target audiences, with the ultimate aim of achieving the campaign goal. Communication is the very essence of campaigning, as one must communicate with others to gain their attention and prompt them to take action. It is a decisive element in any type of campaign to end violence against women and girls (VAW).

Effective campaign communication is multi-pronged. Combining different techniques and tools enhances the chance the audience notices the campaign message, remembers it and takes the action needed to attain the campaign goal.

Strategic communication is results-oriented, evidence-based, “client”-centered, participatory, benefit-oriented (i.e. the audience perceives a benefit in taking the action proposed), multi-channel, high quality and cost-effective (O’Sullivan et al, 2003. A Field Guide to Designing a Health Communication Strategy). Effective communication strategies are purpose-driven and rest on robust, evidence-based knowledge of the attitudes, ideas, aspirations and preconceptions of the target audiences. Such understanding is best built through formative research, and close cooperation and consultation with stakeholders when designing the communication strategy.

This section begins with a summary of “Do’s and Don’ts” in campaign communications, and then explains the main steps of designing the campaign message and a communications strategy. A broad spectrum of commonly used communication media, techniques and tools is presented.

For readers who are in the design phase of their communication strategy, it is recommended to start by going to the sections on Do’s and Don’ts, Communication Strategy and Crafting the Campaign Message.