Dernière modification: December 18, 2018

This Global guidance on addressing school-related gender-based violence represents a collaborative effort, made possible thanks to the support and advice received from many individuals and organizations. It was produced following recommendations by the Global Partners’ Group to end School-Related Gender-Based Violence. The lead authors were Dr Erika McAslan Fraser and Khadijah Fancy, both of Social Development Direct, with research support from Harri Lee, Jenny Holden and Anna Parke. The production of this guide was coordinated by Joanna Herat (UNESCO), with Dina Deligiorgis (UN Women).

The Global Guidance provides key information to governments, policy-makers, teachers, practitioners and civil society who wish to take concrete action against SRGBV. It introduces approaches, methodologies, tools and resources that have shown positive results in preventing and responding to gender-based violence in schools settings. It should cont