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Coordinated response delivers a more cost-effective response

Dernière modification: January 14, 2019

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Failure to develop a coordinated approach results in costs, not just for victims/survivors, but also to institutions, employers and the state (Walby, 2004; 2009).  If responses are coordinated, it is possible for the state and NGO sectors to be considerably more cost-effective, efficient and resourceful.  For instance:

Duplication of services can be avoided if there is planning about which agencies provide support, for which groups of victims/survivors and on which forms of violence against women;

Interveners can focus on their area of expertise, maximizing the value of their time and experience and make referrals to other professionals when different expertise is needed;

More comprehensive services for victims/survivors can be provided as the gaps in support can be identified and addressed;

A wider pool of funding options may become available as other sectors become involved; and

Mechanisms can be developed to monitor progress and disseminate knowledge about promising practices.