E-Discussion on Online Violence Against Women in Politics

Día (s): de 09/mar a 30/mar

This e-Discussion seeks to raise awareness on the online harassment, abuse, and violence against women in politics by encouraging a dialogue and an exchange of knowledge, experiences, and solutions to fight this phenomenon and ensure online and political spaces are safe and inclusive. Women and men in politics, civil society activists, practitioners and researchers are invited to join this e-Discussion from 9 to 30 March 2020. The submissions will contribute to the elaboration of a Consolidated Reply that will augment the knowledge base available on the topic.


1.  Why do you think online harassment and abuse of women in politics occurs and is so widespread?

2. What can States do to stop online harassment and violence against women while respecting freedom of expression and the prohibition of incitation to violence and hatred? What are the good practices?

3.  What can social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram do to make their spaces safe for women?

4.  Online violence against women in politics makes political careers unattractive. What message would you give to women who are considering leaving politics or discouraged from engaging in public life because of this?

Local: Online
Fecha: Mar/09/2020 - Mar/30/2020
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Preventing Sexual and Domestic Violence in Rural Communities: From Resistance to Resilience

Día (s): 25

This webinar will:

  • Describe the landscape of sexual and intimate partner violence prevention in rural communities

  • Identify challenges and opportunities for prevention in rural communities

  • Engage in a discussion about addressing considerations for sexual and domestic violence prevention in rural communities

Time: 2pm EST

Local: Online
Fecha: Mar/25/2020
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Coronavirus and women’s shelters: Planning, preparation and response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Día (s): 25

See Recording by clicking the link below.

Local: Online
Fecha: Mar/25/2020
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Webinar: Impacts of COVID-19 on Women & Girls - GBV AoR

Día (s): 26

Recent travel restrictions due to COVID-19 prevent the REGA team from providing their normal level of in-country support. Therefore, they have organized a series of short, field-oriented webinars in English and French throughout March and April to ensure that technical support is constant during this global crisis.
What will the webinars focus on? These webinars will provide practical guidance on:
1.Impact of COVID-19 on women and girls: mitigating GBV risks
2.Your role as a GBV Specialist/Coordinator: what are the key actions related to COVID-19 that you need to implement?
3.Best practices on general GBViE preparedness: presentation from an expert
4.Linkages between GBV and drought: presentation of the latest research produced by IUCN
5.GBV Case management: focus on supervision

Webinars on Thursday 26 March 2020

ENGLISH - 09:30 CET/11:30 EAT

FRENCH - 11.30 CET/13.30 EAT

Local: Online
Fecha: Mar/26/2020
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Webinar: Men, Boys, Masculinity, and Self-Care in the Time of the Coronavirus

Día (s): 31

CONVERSATION DESCRIPTION: What messages are boys and men typically taught about self-care? How well do those messages serve boys and men? How are self-care and healthy masculinity connected? How does boys and men practicing self-care serve them and everyone else? How can we best teach young men and boys' self-care? How can boys and men practice self-care now during this time of the coronavirus and sheltering-in-place? These questions and more will be discussed by members of the Men Can Stop Rape staff.

Time: 2:00 – 3:00 pm EST

Register at the link below.

Local: Online
Fecha: Mar/31/2020
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