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Utilize evaluation findings

Última editado: March 08, 2019

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An evaluation should be measured in terms of how well it highlights areas requiring further development in a coordinated response and how these are addressed and acted on.   Where an evaluation is commissioned, coordinated responses should establish clear mechanisms for sharing information and incorporating results into prevention and response planning.  These can include:

  • Having interim reports produced where emerging findings and issues are flagged and responded to;
  • Meeting with the evaluators to discuss the draft final report, including whether recommendations are achievable in the short or medium term;
  • Devoting an entire coordination meeting to discussing the findings and recommendations and planning what changes are needed at the individual agency and overall coordination levels; and
  • Setting up a time-limited sub-group to oversee progress on implementation of accepted recommendations.

Sharing monitoring and evaluation results publicly is also an expression of transparency and openness to learning and improvement.  Selected monitoring and evaluation results can be made public through:

  • annual reports;
  • research and evaluation reports; and
  • websites and other online media.