3.1. Data for advocacy in Georgia

Last edited: October 07, 2020

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The Joint Programme provided support to a wide dissemination of the findings of the national 2017 VAW prevalence survey in Georgia, with special emphasis on sexual harassment findings, to advocate for the development and adoption of relevant legislation. As a result, in close partnership with the Gender Equality Council of the Parliament of Georgia and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) ProLog project, draft legislative amendments regulating sexual harassment were prepared and widely consulted with different stakeholders from private sector, civil society as well as government. The national VAW study findings greatly informed the drafting and advocacy process around this bill. As a result, in the spring of 2019 the parliament of Georgia adopted the bill introducing the definition of sexual harassment and its regulation in the public space as well as workplace environments.

Five activities were carried out with the support of this Joint Programme: High level meeting to advocate for the sexual harassment bill; Workshop on sexual harassment for the Members of Parliament; Roundtable discussion with private companies on sexual harassment and presentation of the national VAW study findings (with a focus on sexual harassment); Printing thematic information, education, communication and audio-video materials, popularizing sexual harassment related findings of the national VAW study, and production of a knowledge product on the Implementation of the national study on violence against women: Experience and lessons learned from Georgia.

Georgia’s national 2017 VAW prevalence survey can be downloaded in English.