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Limited capacities and resources for short-term change

Last edited: December 20, 2011

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  • A lack of resources dedicated to the justice sector as a whole can present a significant barrier to change. The courts often are understaffed, overworked, and under-resourced. Qualified judges, prosecutors, or staff may be lacking. Staff may be vulnerable to corruption.
  • Resources are often lacking on the most basic level- not enough copies of the law, computers, copy and fax machines, etc.
  • Infrastructure may be lacking or may be in poor condition. Basic structural needs such as secure waiting rooms, interview rooms, and holding facilities may be lacking.
  • Communication and coordination between ministries and local level judicial systems is poor.
  • There is often a large backlog of cases which impedes reform efforts, in addition to delaying justice.
  • Lack of fiscal resources within a country to hire additional staff required to implement change.
  • Lack of appropriately-trained professional staff to implement change.
  • Competition between ministries for scare programme resources.