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Training and capacity development can change practices

Last edited: December 20, 2011

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Training on how to effectively incorporate women’s rights into justice processes has proven effective in some settings.

  • An evaluation of a capacity-building programme in Indonesia that provided civil society groups, justice sector personnel, and local communities with a guidebook and matrix comparing formal and informal legal principles related to fair treatment of women documented widespread use of the materials and reference to the provisions therein (Harper/IDLO, 2010).
  • Training for judges on instruments that protect women’s human rights has resulted in the citation of those human rights documents in judicial opinions among trainees (IAWJ, 2010).
  • Increasing the capacity of local level mechanisms in Cambodia to provide alternative case resolution while also providing community education on women’s rights led to high levels of participant satisfaction (McGrew and Doung, 2010).

For more detailed information, see the section on training.