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Last edited: December 09, 2013

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  • The Gender-based Violence Area of Responsibility Working Group (GBV AoR) is the only global-level GBV-specific coordination mechanism that is focused on VAWG issues in humanitarian contexts. UNFPA and UNICEF are the global co-leads for the GBV AoR..  The GBV AoR is a sub-cluster of the Global Protection Cluster, led by UNHCR. Membership in the GBV AoR is open; however, for organizations to have a decision-making role within the GBV AoR, they must sign letters of commitment.
  • Field actors working in humanitarian settings should make use of the GBV AoR as a source of support and guidance. The GBV AoR website ( contains a variety of tools and guidelines, and the GBV AoR holds monthly teleconferences that are open to anyone wishing to participate.
  • Responsibility for VAWG coordination at the field level will be largely determined by whether or not the cluster approach is in place in a given setting. The subsections below provide a brief overview of who is responsible for coordination in cluster and non-cluster contexts.   More detailed practical advice can be found in the GBV Coordination Handbook.