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Last edited: September 17, 2012

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Bridging gaps – From good intentions to good cooperation: manual for effective multi-agency cooperation in tackling domestic violence (WAVE- Women Against Violence Europe, 2004) This is a tool for women’s advocates who work with other community agencies in a coordinated community response to domestic violence against women. The manual provides background, guidance and recommendations on community collaboration. Available in English.

Toolkit to End Violence Against Women (US National Advisory Council on Violence Against Women, 2009) This tool provides recommendations and strategies for engaging a range of stakeholders within various settings. Each chapter of this toolkit outlines an approach to working with various groups including community-based services, healthcare professionals, criminal justice, media, faith-based groups, sports figures, colleges and universities, military and the workplace. Recommendations are made for ways to improve prevention efforts, services and advocacy for victims. Available in English here.

Manual, Honour Related Violence: Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls in Patriarchal Families (Kvinnoforum, 2005). This manual includes a chapter with guidance and exercises for engaging in multi-sectoral cooperation in response to 'honour-related' violence. Emphasis is placed on involving authorities, women's shelters and other community groups including immigrant associations. Information and related exercises are provided on initiating and sustaining a multi-sectoral cooperation, and includes developing an action plan, conducting a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, and working on policy. Available online as “Manual, Honour-Related Violence” (Theme 11, pages 97-107).