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Last edited: September 14, 2012

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Pattern Changing for Abused Women: An Educational Program. (Fallon and Goodman, 1995). This resource provides a detailed description of a support group program for women who have moved past the initial stages of crisis and are ready to consider ways to make change in their lives. Topics covered in this book include boundary setting through assertiveness, rights and the effects of violence, and dealing with feelings such as grief, fear, guilt and anger. Available in English.

The Freedom Programme. (Craven). This resource provides a description of a support group program that is directed at assisting women to: Understand the beliefs held by abusive men and Recognize those beliefs they have shared; Understand the effects of domestic violence on children; Recognize potential future abusers;  Gain self-esteem and confidence; and Be aware of community resources. This program may also be adapted for use with girls. Available in English.

The Power to Change: How to Set Up and Run Support Groups for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence. (Martins, et. al., 2009). This resource provides detailed guidance on setting up and running support groups for women survivors of domestic violence. The Power to Change Programme Model and content of support groups are also provided.  Available in English.

Conflict Resolution Tools for Domestic Violence Shelter Staff (National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women, 2009). This collection of tools, by VAWnet, is aimed for staff working in domestic violence shelters. The website includes materials and resources to equip advocates with a contextual framework and practical skills to resolve conflicts among survivors that may occur in shelters. Available in English.