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Preparing an evaluation

Last edited: January 03, 2012

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Evaluation should be guided by agreed terms of reference (TOR), which specify the scope and nature of the evaluation, and define the evaluators’ roles. The TOR should include:

  • Background information about the campaign to be evaluated, the issue it addresses and key stakeholders
  • Purpose of the evaluation
  • Intended uses and users of the evaluation findings
  • Key issues to be studied in the evaluation and questions to be answered
  • Principles and approach that will guide the evaluation
  • Methodology (e.g. data collection and presentation, inclusion of beneficiaries)
  • Roles and responsibilities of those involved in the exercise
  • Reporting requirements
  • Budget for the evaluation
  • Timeline and milestones

For more details on TOR writing, see IDRC, 2004. Writing Terms of Reference (ToRs) for an Evaluation.