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Rapid assessment surveys and mini-surveys

Last edited: January 03, 2012

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Rapid assessment surveys can be used to gather information on knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviours related to VAW in a community. As with most tools used in community development programmes, a single rapid assessment, while useful as a formative exercise, does not fulfill high standards of scientific rigor. Instead, carrying out several such assessments over time or with different groups is likely to yield sufficient insights for effective campaign planning and implementation. For a sample rapid assessment survey, see the SASA! Toolkit (Tips Booklet) by Raising Voices.

Mini surveys are usually based on a short, structured questionnaire of standardized questions. They tend to be administered to 25 to 50 people at a time. One can select respondents through probability sampling techniques, or “convenience” sampling (interviewing stakeholders at locations where they're likely to be or where they get in contact with the campaign). The major advantage of mini-surveys is that the data can be collected and analyzed within a few days.