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Laws related to armed forces

Last edited: December 30, 2011

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Laws on the responsibilities of armed forces should:

  • require that armed forces engaged in military action adhere to international humanitarian law (the law of armed conflict), with particular consideration of measures related to protecting women and obligations outlined in Security Council resolutions on women, peace and security.

  • authorize armed forces to take all possible measures to protect women and children from domestic and sexual violence and ensure the establishment of policies and guidelines to implement such measures.

  • require uniformed personnel to report incidents of violence against women to an appropriate military authority and ensure follow-up with relevant survivor advocacy services.

  • encourage security institutions to consider establishing measures to provide compensation to dependents of uniformed personnel who have been convicted or separated from their service in the armed forces related to abuse of their dependents (US Code Title 10- Armed Forces, Sub-section A, Sections 920, 1058, 1059).