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Implementing strategies to reinforce prosecutorial independence and anti-corruption

Last edited: December 23, 2011

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  • Establish professional prosecutorial associations to promulgate standards of practice and behaviour.
  • Encourage civil society organizations to regularly monitor prosecutorial offices through accounting records and case review. For example, the Tracking Justice Project of Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre in South Africa studied factors associated with case withdrawals, convictions, and acquittals and reviewed the use of the rules of evidence and procedure in sexual assault cases. Source: Vetten et al., 2008.
  • Expose fellow prosecutors to international best practices and expert advice through conferences, web forums, and workshops.
  • Implement automated case management systems to limit opportunities for assigning cases under improper influence.
  • Establish a system for regular review of personal assets and income.
  • Publish an annual review of cases reported and prosecuted, and case outcomes.


Prosecutor Associations on the Internet:

The International Association of Prosecutors offers conferences and member forums.

Australian Association of Crown Prosecutors promotes education of prosecutors, networking, and participates in justice reform.

Canadian Association of Crown Counsel. Available in English and French.

European Judges and Prosecutors Association For judges, prosecutors, magistrates and students in 14 EU countries. Available in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German.

Africa Prosecutors Association - Facilitates information-sharing and co-operation among prosecutors in Africa.

Association of Prosecuting Attorneys represents all types of prosecutors. It hosts a global forum to provide access to technology, idea exchange, and collaboration with criminal justice systems professionals. Contact: info@apainc.org. Available in 52 languages.

National Center for the Prosecution of Violence Against Women  of the US-based National District Attorneys Association offers case consultation, trainings, jury selection consultation, and articles on prosecution techniques to prosecutors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, and stalking cases. For technical assistance, click here.

AEquitas, The Prosecutors’ Resource on Violence Against Women US-based organization offers technical assistance in cases on violence against women.