from 08/Jun to 08/Aug

Call for papers: Gendered Perspectives on International Development (GPID) working papers

Michigan State University invites the submission of article-length manuscripts (6,000 - 9,000 words) for peer review and publication in their GPID Working Papers series. They seek materials at a late stage of formulation that contribute new understandings of women and men’s roles and relations amidst social, economic, and political change in the developing world. The goals of GPID are: (1) to promote research that contributes to gendered analysis of social change, (2) to highlight the effects of international development policy and globalization on gender roles and gender relations, and (3) to encourage new approaches to international development policy and programming.

More information here.

Local: http://gencen.isp.msu.edu/files/2014/8606/8004/GPID_CFP_flyer.pdf
Date: Jun/08/2017 - Aug/08/2017
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from 29/Jun to 16/Aug

Local government Preventing VAW showcase - 16 August (Victoria, Australia)

This is an opportunity for councillors, council officers, partner organisations and state government colleagues to come together and hear about some of the latest innovative practice and learning opportunities occurring in local government in Australia, to prevent violence against women and embed gender equality in action.  The showcase includes the 10 local government projects funded through the Office of Prevention and Women’s Equality, Department of Premier and Cabinet of Ausralia. 

The event is being held at Treasury Theatre on Wednesday 16 August from 10am – 2.30pm.  

Register your attendance here. 

Local: http://www.cvent.com/events/showcase-local-government-innovation-in-preventing-violence-against-women/custom-18-93b3f42b67834d3787ec9d13f0b7b457.aspx
Date: Jun/29/2017 - Aug/16/2017
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from 01/Aug to 26/Oct

10th UNESCO Youth Forum Paris (25-26 October 2017)

The Forum will bring together expert youth from all regions of the world to discuss pertinent issues related to UNESCO fields of competence that they will identify during a preparatory phase earlier in the year. During the forum, a series of recommended actions and priorities will be drafted to guide UNESCO’s youth actions for the next biennium.

When, local time: Wednesday, 25 October 2017 - 9:00am to Thursday, 26 October 2017 - 6:00pm

 Where: France, Paris

Local: http://en.unesco.org/events/10th-unesco-youth-forum
Date: Aug/01/2017 - Oct/26/2017
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from 20/Aug to 26/Sep

NCADV National Conference on Domestic Violence (23-26 September 2017)

Save the date for NCADV's 17th Biennial National Conference on Domestic Violence!

Where? Providence, Rhode Island

Sign up here for conference emails.

Local: http://vawnet.org/events/ncadv-national-conference-domestic-violence
Date: Aug/20/2017 - Sep/26/2017
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from 23/Aug to 31/Aug

Webinar : Respect Effect: A New Tool for Teen Dating Violence Prevention (31 August)

During this webinar, the speakers will give you a full introduction to Respect Effect, a new app for teen dating violence prevention, and walk you through the app’s many tools and functions. Curious about using this tool in your work with teens? The speakers will also present a case study, in which the guests Break The Cycle will walk you through their experience introducing and using Respect Effect in their violence prevention work with youth. 

More information here. 

Local: https://www.futureswithoutviolence.org/respecteffect/
Date: Aug/23/2017 - Aug/31/2017
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23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28

Webinar: Using essential elements to select, adapt, and evaluate violence prevention approaches, 28 August 2017

This web conference will present major concepts in the guidance " Using Essential Elements to Select, Adapt, and Evaluate Violence Prevention Approachesand highlight practical tools that practitioners can use to estimate the essential elements of a prevention approach and track and evaluate adaptations in their own settings.

More information here. 

Local: http://www.preventconnect.org/2017/07/using-essential-elements-to-select-adapt-and-evaluate-violence-prevention-approaches/
Date: Aug/23/2017 - Aug/28/2017
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from 23/Aug to 06/Oct

Call for proposals - SVRI and WBG Development Marketplace for Innovation on Gender-Based Violence 2018

The SVRI and WBG announces our new open call for awards recognizing promising innovations aimed at preventing gender-based violence. Awards of up $USD100,000 are available. 

Applications to the SVRI WBG Development Marketplace for Innovation in Prevention of Gender-Based Violence must be received online by October 6, 2017.

More information here.

Local: http://www.svri.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2017-08-01/SP_GBV_Guidelines_final.pdf
Date: Aug/23/2017 - Oct/06/2017
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from 23/Aug to 30/Sep

Call for Proposals 2017 - Online Child Sexual Exploitation (30th September)

The Fund to End Violence against Children is looking to fund organisations at the country, regional and global levels whose work seeks to achieve the intended impact of preventing violence against children online, with a particular focus on child sexual exploitation.

Applications can be submitted online from 17 July to 30 September 2017.

Local: http://fund.end-violence.org/
Date: Aug/23/2017 - Sep/30/2017
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from 23/Aug to 08/Sep

Call for Innovation: EVAW Challenge - Resilient Africa Network (8th September)

In partnership with UN Women, Resilient Africa Network (RAN) is implementing a project on equipping communities in Northern Uganda (Gulu and Kitgum Districts) and partners with skills directed towards the use of innovative approaches in Ending Violence Against Women and Girls (EVAWG).

This EVAWG challenge seeks to identify innovative solutions towards ending violence against women and girls. These can be initiatives or approaches with proof of sustainability and scalability starting with Northern Uganda.

More information here.

Local: http://grants.ranlab.org
Date: Aug/23/2017 - Sep/08/2017
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from 25/Aug to 30/Nov

Invitation: Silent Tears Project - Exhibition on VAW with disability and women who acquire disability as a result of violence

Silent Tears is a multi-media exhibition by internationally renowned photographer Belinda Mason, and artists with disability, Dieter Knierim, Margherita Coppolino and Denise Beckwith. The power of this exhibition lies within the stories shared by the participants who are women with disability who have been subjected to violence and women who have acquired their disability caused by violence.

 The international component of Silent Tears, which is due for completion in 2017, will include the stories of 25 women with disability who come from five continents and 20 countries. Participants to date come from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Canada, Ghana, Mali, Pakistan, Samoa, USA, South Africa, India and Korea.

Please see more information here.

Local: http://silenttears.com.au/become-a-participant/
Date: Aug/25/2017 - Nov/30/2017
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from 29/Aug to 30/Sep

Call for Submission - Special Rapporteur VAW - Online Violence Against Women (30th September)

The Special Rapporteur seeks to collect existing good practices on law regulating violence against women and sexual harassment on-line. 

More information here

All submissions should be sent electronically by 30 September 2017 to vaw@ohchr.org using the title: “Submission on online violence against women”.


Local: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Women/SRWomen/Pages/OnlineViolence.aspx
Date: Aug/29/2017 - Sep/30/2017
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