July, 16

from 30/Mar to 01/Sep

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Internet and Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents

The goal of this special issue of the Canadian Review of Sociology is to publish high quality texts analyzing sexual violence against children and adolescents committed through Internet (or related information and communication technologies), as well as social, moral and political aspects associated to these crimes.

In this respect, they are looking for: 1) empirically based research on sexual violence against children and adolescents (resulting from online ethnographies, interviews, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from police, etc.); 2) texts that discuss social, moral and political processes related to this topic; 3) debates and polemics on issues directly related to sexual violence against children and adolescents such as the age of consent, sexuality and autonomy, etc.

Papers should be sent through the Canadian Review of Sociology website https://www.csa-scs.ca/canadian-review/. Deadline: September 1st, 2017

More information here

Date: Mar/30/2017 - Sep/01/2017
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from 01/Apr to 09/Sep

II European Conference on Domestic Violence: 6-9 September, Porto, Portugal

The II European Conference on Domestic Violence will bring together researchers, academics, doctoral students, practitioners, and policy makers, and is designed to:

  1. Connect research and intervention within the field of domestic violence
  2. Exchange knowledge, good practices and methodologies which best contribute to the protection of victims and to the eradication of domestic and gender violence
  3. Share scientific results which inform the construction of social and legal policies regarding domestic and gender violence
  4. Promote networking among professionals and experts in this field
  5. Develop research and practice networks, methods and tools on preventing and combatting domestic violence. 

More information and registration here.

Date: Apr/01/2017 - Sep/09/2017
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from 18/Apr to 18/Jul

International Conference on Cybercrime: Cybercrime Research, Policy and Practice: the Collaboration Imperative, 16-18 July 2017, Gold Coast, Australia

The Australian Institute of Criminology and the Asia Pacific Association of Technology and Society will host the 5th International Conference on Cybercrime and Computer Forensics (ICCCF) at Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach on 16-18 July 2017.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Cybercrime Research, Policy and Practice: the Collaboration Imperative.’

The massive increase in technological developments in personal computing, smart phone and wireless devices in recent years has created significant challenges in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. This important conference will explore the expansion of technology-enabled crimes and how collaboration can inform technological, legal and policy responses internationally.

The conference will feature influential speakers from government, academia and industry.\

More information and registration here.

Date: Apr/18/2017 - Jul/18/2017
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from 28/Apr to 28/Sep

National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence - 28 September, San Francisco

Drawing over 1,000 attendees, the National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence features innovative practices and the latest research in the field of health and domestic & sexual violence.

More information and registration here.

Date: Apr/28/2017 - Sep/28/2017
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from 23/May to 31/Jul

Introduction to Men’s Behaviour Change - Courses - Victoria, Australia

In response to the increasing demand for men’s behaviour change practitioners in Victoria, NTV/MRS will be delivering a number of Introduction to Men’s Behaviour Change short courses throughout Victoria in 2017-18.

The short course aims to introduce those already working in or wishing to work in the men’s behaviour change field, to the specialised work of men’s behaviour change programs. The course will provide the fundamental knowledge and skills for family violence practitioners to commence working as a men’s behaviour change practitioner.

More information on the dates of the courses and registration here.

Local: http://www.ntvmrs.org.au/training-resources/training/
Date: May/23/2017 - Jul/31/2017
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from 30/May to 17/Jul

UNESCO Forum: Cracking the Code :Girls' Education in STEM - Bangkok (28-30 August)

UNESCO's first international symposium and policy forum on girls' education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) will examine girls' disadvantage in STEM studies and careers worldwide, and what the education sector can do to address gender gaps in STEM. 
It will provide space to share and discuss the factors that impact on girls' participation and achievement in STEM fields, and good practice worldwide.

You can submit proposal before 5th June. 

More information here.

Local: https://en.unesco.org/sites/default/files/girls-education-stem-bangkok-2017-concept-note-en.pdf
Date: May/30/2017 - Jul/17/2017
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from 01/Jun to 17/Jul

2018 Victorian Honour Roll of Women (17 July)

Nominations are now open for the 2018 Victorian Honour Roll of Women. Each year, the Victorian Honour Roll celebrates 20 exceptional women who have made a significant and lasting contribution to their communities. The awards are looking for nominations from women across all industries and fields of endeavour, including women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal communities, women with a disability and young, regional and rural women.

If you know an extraordinary woman who deservesrecognition for her contribution, leadership and achievements, please nominate her for the 2018 Victorian Honour Roll of Women. Nominations close 5pm Monday 17 July, 2017. 

More information here.

Local: http://www.vic.gov.au/women/women-s-leadership/victorian-honour-roll-of-women.html
Date: Jun/01/2017 - Jul/17/2017
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from 01/Jun to 07/Sep

National Victims of Crime Conference 2017 (6-7 September)

The 2017 National Victims of Crime Conference: - Victims' Voices – Reform, Innovation and Action will be themed around exploring effective ways of giving victims and survivors a voice in addressing their diverse needs and how their experiences are influencing and reforming innovative service and policy responses.

Date: 6 - 7 September 2017

Venue: Plaza Level, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Cnr Grey St and Russell St, South Brisbane 4101

More information here.

Local: https://www.griffith.edu.au/criminology-law/griffith-criminology-institute/national-victims-of-crime-conference-2017
Date: Jun/01/2017 - Sep/07/2017
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from 08/Jun to 08/Aug

Call for papers: Gendered Perspectives on International Development (GPID) working papers

Michigan State University invites the submission of article-length manuscripts (6,000 - 9,000 words) for peer review and publication in their GPID Working Papers series. They seek materials at a late stage of formulation that contribute new understandings of women and men’s roles and relations amidst social, economic, and political change in the developing world. The goals of GPID are: (1) to promote research that contributes to gendered analysis of social change, (2) to highlight the effects of international development policy and globalization on gender roles and gender relations, and (3) to encourage new approaches to international development policy and programming.

More information here.

Local: http://gencen.isp.msu.edu/files/2014/8606/8004/GPID_CFP_flyer.pdf
Date: Jun/08/2017 - Aug/08/2017
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from 08/Jun to 28/Jul

Training: The Women’s Leadership Institute on Peace and Security, 24-28 July 2017, Uganda

The Women’s Leadership Institute on Peace and Security is designed to strengthen the transformative leadership of activists in fragile and conflict-affected areas in Africa and Asia. This year the training covers global peace and security discourse, combating violent extremism and movement building strategies; Practical skills and tools to monitor development progress using a gendered, peace and security lens. 

More information here

Local: https://www.awid.org/get-involved/training-womens-leadership-institute-peace-and-security
Date: Jun/08/2017 - Jul/28/2017
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from 15/Jun to 30/Sep

Call for Submission on Online Violence Against Women - Special Rapporteur (30th September)

The Special Rapporteur seeks to collect existing good practices on law regulating violence against women and sexual harassment on-line. In order to inform her work on the topic, which will culminate in the presentation of a report to the Human Rights Council in June 2018, the Special Rapporteur wishes to secure from different stakeholders, including States, National Human Rights Institutions, Non-governmental organizations, as well as members of academia, input and views on the following topics:

  • Existing legislative models, criminal or administrative, on prosecuting and punishing various forms of online violence against women;
  • Existing policies that allow identification, reporting and rectification of incidents of harassment or violence against women via the internet services providers;E
  • Existing jurisprudence from international, regional, and national courts, on prosecution or administrative proceedings in such cases.

More information here.

Deadline 30th September 2017.

Local: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Women/SRWomen/Pages/OnlineViolence.aspx
Date: Jun/15/2017 - Sep/30/2017
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from 15/Jun to 16/Jul

2017 Girl Up Leadership Summit, 16-19 July 2017, Washington DC, USA

This three days Summit offers an opportunity to participants from around the world to participate in leadership training, learning from influential speakers, engage in skills-based workshops, and leading an official lobby day on Capitol Hill. The Summit strives to empower, educate and embolden the potential of every girl there.

More information here. 

Local: https://girlup.org/leadership-summit/?ct=t(What_Works_Newsletter_June_20176_13_2017)&mc_cid=6a7cea85f0&mc_eid=d9564ac197
Date: Jun/15/2017 - Jul/16/2017
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from 15/Jun to 20/Oct

8th Milestones of a Global Campaign for Violence Prevention Meeting, Ottawa, Canada, 19-20 October 2017

 The Canadian Government and the Public Health Agency of Canada is hosting the 8th Milestones meeting: Translating Sustainable Development Goal violence prevention targets into national and local action. The meeting is strictly by invitation only, and places are limited.

To receive a formal invitation, please register. Draft agenda available online

Date: Jun/15/2017 - Oct/20/2017
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from 22/Jun to 21/Jul

Comic Relief: Preventing Child Trafficking & Exploitation in Nepal

Comic Relief is seeking applications for its initiative entitled “Preventing Child Trafficking & Exploitation in Nepal” to support work to prevent the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and young people, alongside supporting appropriate services that enable them to exit safely and effectively recover from the negative impacts.

There is no minimum funding request and we will welcome requests up to £250,000. In total, they have up to £1 million available for this initiative.

Deadline: 21 July 2017

More information here. 

Local: https://www2.fundsforngos.org/children/comic-relief-preventing-child-trafficking-exploitation-nepal/
Date: Jun/22/2017 - Jul/21/2017
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from 22/Jun to 28/Jul

Third Annual Paula Kantor Award for Excellence in Field Research

The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) is soliciting nominations for the third annual Paula Kantor Award for Excellence in Field Research. The 2017 award will be given to a young professional female researcher in order to recognize and honor outstanding achievement in the fields of gender equity and the empowerment of women and girls.

The 2017 Paula Kantor Award for Excellence in Field Research will be conferred to the winner in September at a high-level ICRW event in New York City. Nominations must be made by a third-party. If you know an outstanding researcher who deserves recognition for her work, please read closely the eligibility and nomination requirements and submit any nominations for the Paula Kantor Award for Excellence in Field Research by 11:59 p.m. EST, July 28, 2017.

More information here.

Local: https://www.icrw.org/news/icrw-announces-third-annual-paula-kantor-award/
Date: Jun/22/2017 - Jul/28/2017
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from 28/Jun to 20/Jul

Funding Opportunity: Apply for a Raliance Impact Grant to End Sexual Violence (20th July)

Do you have a visionary project to end sexual violence? You could be one of up to 20 grantees who Raliance will be awarding during its third round of grant funding.

Raliance has announced its Round 3 of Impact Grants which funds visionary projects to end sexual violence. Raliance seeks to advance promising, replicable practices or policies that 1) improve the response to victims of sexual violence; 2) reduce the likelihood of perpetration of sexual violence; or 3) strengthen communities’ and organizations’ capacity to create safe environments. 

Deadline July 20, 2017 

More Information here.

Local: http://www.preventconnect.org/2017/06/funding-opportunity-apply-for-a-raliance-impact-grant-to-end-sexual-violence/
Date: Jun/28/2017 - Jul/20/2017
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from 29/Jun to 16/Aug

Local government Preventing VAW showcase - 16 August (Victoria, Australia)

This is an opportunity for councillors, council officers, partner organisations and state government colleagues to come together and hear about some of the latest innovative practice and learning opportunities occurring in local government in Australia, to prevent violence against women and embed gender equality in action.  The showcase includes the 10 local government projects funded through the Office of Prevention and Women’s Equality, Department of Premier and Cabinet of Ausralia. 

The event is being held at Treasury Theatre on Wednesday 16 August from 10am – 2.30pm.  

Register your attendance here. 

Local: http://www.cvent.com/events/showcase-local-government-innovation-in-preventing-violence-against-women/custom-18-93b3f42b67834d3787ec9d13f0b7b457.aspx
Date: Jun/29/2017 - Aug/16/2017
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from 30/Jun to 20/Jul

Webinar: Transactional sex and HIV risk among young women in rural South Africa, 20 July 2017

An analysis of baseline data from the HPTN 068 Swa Koteka Conditional Cash Transfer trial in rural north east South Africa showed that transactional sex was associated with an almost three-fold increased risk of being HIV positive in young women, after controlling for other risk factors. In this webinar, Dr Meghna Ranganathan will be describing key findings and implications from the HPTN 068 Swa Koteka Conditional Cash Transfer trial.

More information here.

Local: http://strive.lshtm.ac.uk/news/transactional-sex-and-hiv-risk-among-young-women-rural-south-africa
Date: Jun/30/2017 - Jul/20/2017
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from 30/Jun to 27/Oct

2nd Annual Technology Summit - Safety and VAW - 26/27 October, Melbourne, Australia

WESNET is pleased to announce the date of their 2nd Annual Technology Safety Summit, which will be held 26-27 October 2017, in Melbourne. The Summit will bring together national and international experts on technology safety and violence against women. This year’s Summit will span two days and focus on presentations and workshops that range from emerging issues such as image-based abuse to cutting edge technology, such as internet of things and smart technology.

More information here.

Local: https://techsafety.org.au/techsummit/
Date: Jun/30/2017 - Oct/27/2017
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from 01/Jul to 01/Dec

Call for Papers - The prevention of sexual abuse and violence – 1st December 2017

The Journal of Sexual Agression is seeking submissions on current developments in the prevention of sexual abuse and violence.

While all submissions will be considered, the following topics are of particular interest:

  • Preventing sexual abuse and violence in the education sector (schools through to colleges and universities)
  • What works in the engagement of communities in preventing sexual abuse and violence
  • The prevention of sexual abuse and violence perpetrated by young people
  • Latest developments in the prevention of sexual abuse and violence online
  • How to evaluate and effectively use evaluation in the prevention of sexual abuse and violence
  • A critical review of prevention learning and evidence development over the last decade.

Manuscript submissions will be considered starting as soon as possible, continuing on a rolling basis until 1 December 2017 or sooner if the edition has accepted a sufficient number of papers before then.

Local: http://explore.tandfonline.com/cfp/beh/journal-call-for-papers-prevention-of-sexual-abuse-and-violence
Date: Jul/01/2017 - Dec/01/2017
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from 06/Jul to 19/Jul

Call Funding - Tackling Slavery, Human Trafficking and Child Labour in Modern Business (19th July)

This programme will fund excellent, policy-oriented research, aimed at addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and advancing the UK’s Aid Strategy, including a particular focus on Sustainable Development Goal 8.7 (SDG 8.7). SDG 8.7 is about taking immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour. 

This programme will fund problem-focused research which produces evidence geared towards informing policies and interventions related to SDG 8.7. It will offer research grants to groups of the best researchers across the humanities and social sciences from the UK and overseas, to examine research gaps in the field, how to bolster current interventions and what works especially at scale. 

More information here.

Local: http://www.britac.ac.uk/tackling-slavery-human-trafficking-and-child-labour-modern-business
Date: Jul/06/2017 - Jul/19/2017
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from 10/Jul to 19/Jul

High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2017

The High-level Political Forum, United Nations central platform for follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals, provides for the full and effective participation of all States Members of the United Nations and States members of specialized agencies.

Dates 10-19th July

DRAFT PROGRAMME - https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/14678DRAFT_PROGRAMME_HLPF.pdf

More information here.


Local: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/hlpf
Date: Jul/10/2017 - Jul/19/2017
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from 12/Jul to 21/Jul

Survey: Safe Housing Needs Assessment - Until July 21st

Safe Housing Needs Assessment is now available to gather input from victim service providers, community service providers, coalitions and homeless continuums of care. 

 Developed by the National Alliance for Safe Housing, in partnership with the Domestic Violence and Housing Technical Assistance Consortium, the assessment is the first of its kind, reaching the domestic violence, sexual assault, and homeless and housing fields. 
What You Need to Know:  

  • The assessment will be open until July 21 and should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. 
  • It can be completed on your computer or mobile device. 
  • Your response will directly impact and inform the tools, strategies and support necessary to improve coordination between domestic violence/sexual assault service providers and homeless and housing service providers, so that survivors and their children can ultimately avoid homelessness and live free from violence.  



Local: http://vawnet.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fbe0aa58df871a5ba7f0190cd&id=019316d682&e=0324887105
Date: Jul/12/2017 - Jul/21/2017
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12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19

WEBINAR: Organizing for Economic Opportunity: Strategies to Improve Economic Opportunities for Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention (19th July)

What does a living wage or having a supportive workplace have to do with preventing sexual and domestic violence? Referencing the research from the CDC's technical packages, the webinar will explore how economic opportunity can support stability and address issues like poverty, low incomes, financial stress and gender inequality. The webinar will also look at how workplaces and their organizational policies can support norms that make sexual and domestic violence a workplace issue. Join us for an engaging session with examples of movements and strategies addressing these very things.

Date : 19th July - EASTERN (EST/EDT)2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Information and registration here.

Local: http://www.preventconnect.org/2017/06/organizing-for-economic-opportunity-strategies-to-improve-economic-opportunities-for-sexual-and-domestic-violence-prevention/
Date: Jul/12/2017 - Jul/19/2017
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from 12/Jul to 26/Jul

WEBINAR: StrongHearts Native Helpline: Supporting Native Survivors of Domestic Violence and Dating Violence (26th July)

This past spring, the StrongHearts Native Helpline launched as a culturally appropriate, confidential service for American Indian and Alaska Natives affected by domestic violence and dating violence.

This webinar will provide an overview of the StrongHearts Native Helpline’s services and Native-centered advocacy approach. Participants will learn about what the StrongHearts means for supporting Native victim-survivors of domestic violence and dating violence in your tribal communities and organizations.

Date: 26th July - EASTERN 01:30PM

Information and registration here.

Local: http://vawnet.org/events/introducing-stronghearts-native-helpline-supporting-native-survivors-domestic-violence-and
Date: Jul/12/2017 - Jul/26/2017
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from 13/Jul to 19/Nov

Women World Summit: launch of the campaign to Prevent and End Violence Against Children and Youth

Women's World Summit Foundation is happy to inform you of the online launch of the 7th edition of their annual Campaign Kit,19 Days of Activism for prevention of violence against children and youth 1-19 November 2017. They have linked their Call to Action to the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, which went into effect as of 2016. You are invited to register your planned activities online, which they will publish on their website for all other coalition members to see and be inspired by your programs.

Local: http://19days.woman.ch/index.php/en/
Date: Jul/13/2017 - Nov/19/2017
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