Economic empowerment

Measures to facilitate the economic empowerment of victims of violence against women should be included in legislation. These measures might take the form of reviewing employment laws to ensure that women dealing with violence are not discriminated against or are given special consideration in appropriate circumstances. [See Employer and Union sub-section] Measures might also include funding for dedicated government or NGO programs to develop economic independence among women victims of violence.

CASE STUDY – Bulgaria

The Animus Association in Bulgaria has several programs aimed at economic and employment reintegration of victims of trafficking and those at high risk for trafficking. First, the group works across borders with other NGOs and governments to create referral networks so that victims and at-risk individuals can find their way to appropriate services. Second, the group runs a Rehabilitation Centre for Women, Adolescents and Children Survivors of violence that provides services to help empower them economically and reintegrate them into the employment sector. Apart from these economic empowerment services, the organization works on an integrated model also providing legal assistance and counseling services.